The Knightsbridge Association was founded in 1961 in response to the ever-increasing predations of developers. It works to preserve, protect and enhance the character and amenities of Knightsbridge for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors. For sixty years we have been the community’s channel of communication with Local Government, the GLA and Transport for London on all local issues.

Learn about the issues that directly affect you and be able to influence them.

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The Knightsbridge Association | KA | Montpeliano | 13-17 Montpelier Street

13-17 Montpelier Street, formerly Montpeliano

The new owners of n.13-17 Montpelier Street (the former Montpeliano Restaurant) have proposed a gigantic 10/20m advertising on the full height of their hoarding. The proposed advertising would have stretched across the 3 facades of 13-17 Montpelier Street, extending to all four sides of the property.

Usually a contractor's signage on a residential street is about 1m tall on the ground floor of the hoarding, in accord with established WCC policy on this issue. The proposal would have been completely out of scale with the street for the duration of the works, i.e. 2 years or more. Fortunately the council has refused this application.

The previous owner of Montpeliano confirms the new owners are Nammos Restaurants. We fear the new owners wish to transform the site into a lounge/restaurant/nightclub similar to their existing venues in Mykonos and Dubai. The Association should make sure the new owners understand this a residential neighbourhood.

The Knightsbridge Association | KA | Piccadilly Line | South Kensington Underground Station

Piccadilly Line - South Kensington Underground Station

TfL have announced that from late February 20021 they will be working to replace the old Piccadilly line escalators at South Kensington station: “These complex and bespoke works will complete around early Spring 2022.

The five escalators serving the Piccadilly line, installed in 1973, are life expired and unreliable. As part of our commitment to improve every aspect of the customer experience we are replacing them with brand new escalators. These works are not connected to our planned station capacity upgrade – or to Native Land’s proposals for developing the area around the station. Nearly two-thirds of customers who use the Tube to get to South Kensington travel on the District and Circle lines, and during the escalator replacement works the station will remain open and continue to be served by these lines. However, the Piccadilly line WILL NOT STOP at the station.

Residents are highly unlikely to hear the escalator replacement works themselves as they will take place inside the station walls. However, at various stages we will need to receive deliveries and remove waste from site overnight to help us keep the station open during the day. There may be some minor noise disturbance associated with this, which we will monitor closely.  Rest assured we will do all we can to minimise any disruption to our neighbours in the area. We will be sending letters to residents in the area around the station soon, when details of the works are confirmed. Email:

The Knightsbridge Association | KA | Ferarri 458 Spider | Red Super Car | Acoustic Cameras

Acoustic Cameras

RBKC is funding the trial of two mobile acoustic cameras in Knightsbridge to detect noisy and antisocial drivers. Drivers recorded on camera have received fines and the Council say it may also apply for court orders to seize the vehicles of persistent offenders. This is front line technology for the UK and RBKC is the first Council to trial these cameras which we hope will be extended.

The Brompton police team mounted extra patrols and an anti-supercar sting “OPERATION DAYTONA” which operated in the Knightsbridge area over the whole summer. The Section 35 Anti-Social Behaviour Notice, Crime and Policing Act 2014, PSPO breaches and other traffic offences were also successfully enforced. Exhibition Road has become the latest location for the cars to show off and police officers always patrol when they are on duty, often in plain clothes.

Your Knightsbridge

Kensington Palace

With its present day setting in the heart of West London, Kensington Palace was originally purchased as a rural retreat by King William III and Queen Mary II. A stylish royal home for over three centuries, Kensington’s glittering State Apartments served as the centre of court life under the first Georgian kings. Queen Victoria was born at Kensington on 24 May 1819, and eighteen years later it was here that she awoke to news of her own accession to the throne. Today, visitors can explore the very suite of rooms she grew up in, complete with their elegant 1820s interior scheme.

Parts of Kensington Palace have remained a private royal residence, and in recent years the palace has been home to both Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales, who was regularly spotted browsing the boutiques in nearby Knightsbridge. Among its current residents are The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family. To find out more and book your visit:

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