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The Transport and Environment Committee of the Knightsbridge Association (“KA”) focuses on five key areas: improving road safety and transport movement of all sorts; maintaining and improving utilities such as street lights and stormwater drains; efficient street cleansing, recycling and rubbish collection; seeking general improvements to our local environment such as less noise; and reducing air pollution.

Most of the KA’s successes have taken several years to achieve and required work with many others including Westminster City Council, RBKC, the Royal Parks, Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police.  That’s because we need to gather evidence and views from the community, persuade decision makers and respond typically to two or three legally required consultations before measures can be implemented e.g. 24-hour Respark, double yellow lines or the 20mph speed limit.

Looking ahead, key issues include: reducing noise and improving air quality in the Knightsbridge area; improving local waste recycling rates; responding to consultations; monitoring traffic management plans linked to local planning applications; and trying to influence COVID-19 related transport measures that affect our immediate area.


Everyone can play their part in improving the Knightsbridge environment. We’ve found that one of the best ways is to use the ‘FixMyStreet’ app or website to report everything from rubbish or recycling dumped out of hours to blocked drains, illegal parking or vehicle idling, street light faults and potholes.

Once registered, the app or website lets you put in a street name or postcode, add photos and use a drop-down menu to select categories for reporting. These reports are sent immediately to the local council or Transport for London who deal with them, including enforcement action when appropriate. It’s particularly helpful if you include the street name and number in your report to help street cleaners or City Inspectors, for example, find things more easily. The more reports you lodge the more action you’re likely to see sooner. And the app and website work all around London and elsewhere! .

Traffic issues

In one sense, Hyde Park Corner is the start (or end) of the M4 motorway so it’s not surprising that there can be a lot of traffic in Brompton Road and Knightsbridge.  The KA works hard to minimise disruption from road works, improve road safety and maximise opportunities for people to use different modes of transport e.g. cars, buses, taxis, the Underground, walking and cycling.  

There is an on-going debate as to whether The Royal Parks should close South Carriage Drive and stop through traffic using West Carriage Drive; and the outcome of current monitoring is awaited.  Better pedestrian crossings, with countdown timers, raised tables and other improvements and the 20mph speed limit should help to reduce deaths and serious injuries from road traffic collisions.  Knightsbridge residents are likely to be impacted by conditions attaching to the Government’s financial bailout of TfL, which could increase congestion charges and remove free travel on public transport for over 60s and under 18s.

Cleaner air in 2021!

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular.  Knightsbridge residents can ask Westminster City Council to install an electric charging point near their home and further details can be found at .

The extension of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to the North and South Circular starts from 25 October 2021, a measure announced in June 2018 that targets the oldest, most polluting diesel and petrol vehicles i.e. roughly pre-2014 and pre-2005 vehicles respectively.  It is a ‘clean air’ not ‘congestion’ measure so there’s no charge if you meet the standards.  Most vehicles already comply with the new standards  but please check TfL’s website for details .

Current and Up-coming Consultations

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Transport & Environment

Chris Barrass

Much of this committee’s work is done behind the scenes, liaising with councils, Transport for London, the Mayor’s Office and so on. It is a wide brief, encompassing everything from parking and traffic flows to air quality and pollution mitigation.

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